Paper Schedule

All paper sessions are held in the Whitney Humanities Center (53 Wall St) Auditorium.


2:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Paper Session 1: Composition, Voice-Leading, Atonality

Musical Experiences with Block Designs
[ ABSTRACT ]   Franck Jedrzejewski, Moreno Andreatta and Tom Johnson

Generalized Voice Exchange
[ ABSTRACT ]   Robert Peck

Maximally Smooth Diatonic Trichord Cycles
[ ABSTRACT ]   Steven Cannon

The Continuous Hexachordal Theorem
[ ABSTRACT ]   Brade Ballinger, Nadia Benbernou, Francisco Gomez, Joseph O'Rourke and Godfried Toussaint

Sequential Association Rules in Atonal Music
[ ABSTRACT ]   Aline Honingh, Tillman Weyde and Darrell Conklin

Badness of Serial Fit Revisited
[ ABSTRACT ]   Tuukka Ilomäki


10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Paper Session 2: Geometry

Hamiltonian Cycles in the Topological Dual of the Tonnetz
[ ABSTRACT ]   Giovanni Albini and Samuele Antonini

Pairwise Well-Formed Scales and a Bestiary of Animals on the Hexagonal Lattice
[ ABSTRACT ]   Jon Wild

Three Conceptions of Musical Distance
[ ABSTRACT ]   Dmitri Tymoczko

The Geometry of Melodic, Harmonic, and Metrical Hierarchy
[ ABSTRACT ]   Jason Yust

1:30 PM - 3:30 PM
Paper Session 3: Scale

Regions and Standard Modes
[ ABSTRACT ]   David Clampitt and Thomas Noll

Generalized Tonnetz and Well-Formed GTS: A Scale Theory Inspired by the Neo-Riemannians
[ ABSTRACT ]   Marek Zabka

Formal Diatonic Intervallic Notation
[ ABSTRACT ]   Jack Douthett and Julian Hook

A Generalisation of Diatonicism and the Discrete Fourier Transform as a Mean for Classifying and Characterising Musical Scales
[ ABSTRACT ]   Julien Junod, Pierre Audétat, Carlos Agon and Moreno Andreatta


2:00 PM - 3:30 PM
Paper Session 4: Perception

Estimating the Tonalness of Transpositional Type Pitch-Class Sets Using Learned Tonal Key Spaces
[ ABSTRACT ]   Özgür Izmirli

Evaluating Tonal Distances between Pitch-Class Sets and Predicting Their Tonal Centres by Computational Models
[ ABSTRACT ]   Atte Tenkanen

Determining Feature Relevance in Subject Responses to Musical Stimuli
[ ABSTRACT ]   Morwaread Mary Farbood and Bernd Schoner

4:00 PM - 5:30 PM
Paper Session 5: Time

Speech Rhythms and Metric Frames
[ ABSTRACT ]   Fernando Benadon

Temporal Patterns in Polyphony
[ ABSTRACT ]   Mathieu Bergeron and Darrell Conklin

A Multi-tiered Approach for Analyzing Expressive Timing in Music Performance
[ ABSTRACT ]   Panayotis Mavromatis


9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Paper Session 6: New Interdisciplinary Approaches

Representing and Estimating Musical Expression in Melody
[ ABSTRACT ]   Christopher Raphael

HMM Analysis of Musical Structure: Identification of Latent Variables Through Topology-Sensitive Model Selection
[ ABSTRACT ]   Panayotis Mavromatis

Plain and Twisted Adjoints of Well-Formed Words
[ ABSTRACT ]   David Clampitt, Manuel Dominguez and Thomas Noll

A Declarative Language for Dynamic Multimedia Interaction Systems
[ ABSTRACT ]   Carlos Olarte and Camilo Rueda

Towards a Symbolic Approach to Sound Analysis
[ ABSTRACT ]   Carmine Emanuele Cella

Compatibility of the Different Tuning Systems in the Orchestra
[ ABSTRACT ]   Alfonso del Corral, Teresa León and Vicente Liern