MCM International Conference Mathematics and Computation: Information for Authors

Final Submission: Camera-ready copy

Please login to the softconf conference management system to submit your camera-ready documents. The site will be accepting final submissions until 12:00 PM (PDT, -7 GMT) on March 31, 2009. The following files are required for the final camera-ready copy submission:

1.   the final PDF file: This is the final PDF file for your paper (text with figures).

2.   the final source files: See details below.

For LaTeX users, the final source files include the LaTeX files for the text, PS/EPS or PDF/JPG files for all figures, any external style files and fonts, and final DVI file (LaTeX/TeX). Users of other word-processing systems should submit the final RTF files, plus PS/EPS or PDF/JPG files for all figures. Please compress the files with zip, tar, tar.gz or tar.Z.

Authors are encouraged to double check the format of the paper to ensure that it meets the requirements of the Springer LNCS series (please see this PDF file with the instructions).

3.   a signed copyright form: PDF file of signed copyright form.

The form can be downloaded by clicking on this Springer link. The form should be signed by one author on behalf of all the authors of the paper. If scanning the signed copyright form and uploading it is not an option, the signed form can also be sent via fax to 305-899-3610 (ATTN: Ching-Hua Chuan).

4.   a readme file: This should be a text file giving the name and email address of the contact author (only one author's information is required).

Submitting a paper to the conference

The paper upload site is now open, and receiving submissions, at


The site will be accepting submissions until 12:00 PM (PST, -8 GMT) on February 9, 2009.

Formatting guidelines and templates

All paper submissions to MCM 2009 must be in PDF format and conform to the format specifications in the templates of Springer LNCS series:

•   LaTeX template (zip format)
•   Word template (zip format)

Double blind review policy

To promote fair and objective assessment of each paper, the reviews will be double blind.

Authors should omit their names in the submission, i.e.

•   omit authors' names from title page (or list as "name(s) omitted for submission"),

and avoid revealing their identity through citation, for example,

•   refer to prior related work in the third person: "we extend Smith's (2008) earlier work" rather than "we extend our earlier work", and

•   exclude citations to author's own work that are not fundamental to understanding the paper (these can be added in the camera-ready copy).

In the online submission system, reviewers will not be able to see the identity of the authors of each paper. Authors will be asked to identify all conflicts of interest that exist between any of the authors and any of the committee members (or other reviewers).